Welcome to the new When's Lunch? Games website!


As we move swiftly into 2016, we decided it was time for a change to the dark website we once knew. Gone is the endless void of black space speckled with white text like the night sky. Say hello to the elegant, clean white style.

‘Elegant’ does fly in the face of everything we do, however. Our workflow, work ethic, style, attitudes, food decisions… yeah, they aren’t that elegant. It’s okay though! We haven’t lost our quick wit and our dashing good looks. No sir! (Or ma’am!)

Along with the new design, we have to say a few words about our projects… as you will notice some changes.

Ouroboros is on hiatus.

Yes, that is correct. The first game that started this entire company has been put on hiatus until further notice. In a future blog post I’ll probably go into more detail, it’s not super exciting but it would be a fun thing to talk about.

G’Renb’Oks is not getting updates.

We had a game listed in alpha and it’s staying that way. It wasn’t a bad game, it was just more of a…prototype gone too far. I personally still love where it was going, but it shall be going no longer. Still, feel free to download and play it! It’s a fun look into our goofy little world.

That all seems pretty bad, right? I like to get the bad news out of the way first. How about some good stuff?!



Ahhhh, the word still confuses everyone I say it to. What is it? What does it mean?! Spoiler alert: not much. It’s just funny sounding and fun to say. Flamboygen is our first fully fledged action adventure game on mobile. You can read more about it under our Flamboygen page. Super exciting stuff. It’s coming soon… FOR REAL. 2016 is the year, baby.

Well that’s a lot to smash your brains in with. Let it sink in. We’ll see you again soon. We’re hoping to make this a regular thing, so stay tuned! Disqus below! (disqus… oh. oh you.)

-Chase Holton