The race to PAX East!!

It's about that time of year again: Submission deadlines for PAX East's Indie Showcase! Right now our internal beta testing and development is all grinding towards a (hopeful) acceptance to PAX to show off Flamboygen in all of its crazy glory!

All you need to know is the deadline is February 8th by 11:59pm!

Our short term goal: Make a polished, fun and rewarding beta for everyone to play in Boston!

Our long term goal: Gain exposure and coverage to help the game's launch this spring. 

It's been a tiresome couple weeks digging through bugs and fixing them while simultaneously creating art assets as well as level designs/audio designs/music etc. But it's going to be worth it!

I hope everyone is super excited to play Flamboygen. Those who have played it to help find bugs have been having a blast throwing stuff at other stuff and watching stuff explode!

We'll probably open submissions for beta testing after the PAX East submission, that way what testers are playing will be what's shown at PAX!

It's gonna be a fun crazy ride.