Gwarmbee has landed on iOS!

Goodness! Didn't see this coming, honestly. It was more of a small game to test random level generation as well as enemy placement. It began as a web game and evolved into a mobile game.  

The best part is that it is completely FREE. No ads. No in app purchases. No pay walls. No energy. No timers. Nothing. 

This is something I hold very close to my design ethics and I stand by them. When's Lunch? Games has never been about 'fees to play' or 'free with ads' and it never will be. As a designer, I see the benefit for developers. Business' make products to make money. That's what they exist to do. And make super fun and engrossing games, in this industry, at least. 

When's Lunch? Games is a business, albeit small. We operate on passion, curiosity and insanity. As a small business, I'd like it to grow into something more sustainable. Something that, frankly, could generate money to make game development a full time job rather than a hobby after hours (or on lunch break).

Gamers of all shapes and sizes know what something is worth. When there's a game on the App Store for free, generally that means with IAP abound. Pay walls. Escalation in difficulty to the point where you MUST pay to progress. 

That isn't fun. It never was. It never will be.  

Some games choose free with ads. Most of the good ones have an IAP one time that removes ads, and it never asks for another cent, basically making the free initial download a demo of sorts. You're not entirely locked out of a game's content... but you have to deal with pop up ads.  

Some people don't mind it. Others hate it. as long as there's a way to remove ads, that's cool. 

As long as I run When's Lunch? Games, let this be known: our games will not have ads. Free games will be free. If there's in app purchases, it will be entirely optional goofy extra shit that doesn't change the balance of the game at all (if this is to happen in the future. No plans as of right now. But if there are IAP, this will probably be the exception if there has to be one). 

Gamers will pay once for the game, and receive updates accordingly. This is a philosophy I hold extremely close and am very serious about. Mobile gaming doesn't have to be looked at as a cash grab. It can be viewed as a market for games that players can trust, enjoy and share. 

This turned into quite the rant.  

Either way: Gwarmbee is here for free. Flamboygen will be finished soon (and cost a couple bucks).

And more stuff is being prototyped weekly.