Post Release Days.

Well it's been a few short days since the release of Gwarmbee and the feedback has been amazing! Lots of ideas thrown in the hat and high scores I previously didn't think would be attainable have been absolutely SMASHED! Wow! It's awesome to see people enjoying the game as much as they are.

Some feedback that was sent my way involved different tile sets, more enemy variation, a mini map / radar and difficulty ramping.

To address a couple of the common ones:

Tile sets are very much in the works! More variation in the environments... possibly some obstacles and maybe different geometric shapes for the tiles to create some crazier and unpredictable bullet bouncing. 

Enemy variation has been spinning around in my mind already, possibly some different bullet patterns or sizes...!!!

Mini map or radar would be massively helpful. Though the proper way of implementing it may be tricky... Definitely in the prototyping phase. This is for you, Paul!

Difficulty ramping may or may not be introduced, but as of right now some players have said that the completely randomization of enemy placement makes each dungeon floor feel like a real gamble and love fighting their way out of it. Maybe a timer before the level starts would help... Good idea, Adi!

Oh and an Android version. I'm thinking I'll have to get to work on an Android release, for sure. I don't want anyone missing out! Lots of stuff on the plate.

These are some of the things I'm looking forward to adding in updates to come! As of right now, Gwarmbee is working on his next adventure into random madness as well... He's a busy little guy. Oh and Flamboygen is nearing completion as well. Good lord, When's Lunch is getting busy.

Again, thank you everyone for all the support! I hope Gwarmbee continues to eat away at some free time as you spelunk further into the depths. 

Take care!