Long time no post, fellow game enthusiast!

It's been a long arduous process towards completion... Much slower than expected. Especially considering the plan for Flamboygen was to initially be a couple month long journey from start to finish... We're going on over almost 2 years! ACK! However, to be fair, the game has changed significantly from the small concept it once was. Customization... bosses... writing and recording the music... the amount of levels... etc etc... Everything was taken to 11! But we're closing the gap to the finish line steadily. 

IT'S OFFICIAL: 85% of the game is complete. We are levels / events / songs away from release. I couldn't be more proud.

There's the Flamboygen update!

On to other matters: I'm at a point with an iOS port of our web game, Gwarmbee, to comfortably slap it on the App Store with no charge associated with it. Though due to complications, I have to wait a little bit before I can send it in for review. Whatever, maybe I can pop some extra neat things in there in the meantime.

Either way, lots of stuff going on, and it doesn't stop here!! Many ideas swirl the heads of designers and programmers and artists... When those swirls begin to culminate into something tangible and worth exploring... Magic happens.

There's always magic happening over here.