Another day, another What?

I've spent the entire day programming UI functions and working on some other various whatever things related to the next secret project. It won't be secret for long... But just a bit more time needs to be spent on minor spit shine before we make any 'official' announcements.

Sometimes it's best to have multiple projects at once. I find myself stuck on a various issue or creative block and jump to another game entirely, leaving my brain to refresh doing something else. Sounds overwhelming to some I bet, but it's perfect especially when you've got games in completely different stages of development... FOR EXAMPLE:

Flamboygen's programming and scripting whatever is all done. There's just level design and play testing. That's fun and all, but after a while you burn out on art assets and placing objects and replaying the exact same level over and over to make sure it's a tangible difficulty.

Then Gwarmbee is a finished game, though bugs crop up and small ideas can leak into an update here or there. 

THEN there's this other project that is in its infancy and that is where magic happens. I love prototyping and testing new stuff out, and the beginning of development is the best and most productive time for that. I spent all day making like... four different UI panels for displaying player information. Finding and playing with the least performance impacting way of storing a colossal amount of variables at runtime etc etc.

This is probably all super boring. And now that I read over it again... IT IS! Ha! 

Well... See you next time.