Gwarmbee 1.1 update!

Incoming... A slightly large update is coming to Gwarmbee based on much needed player feedback!

In this update you'll find the following:

  • Graphical updates to some of the UI elements.
  • A MINIMAP! Much needed, I might add. Thank you for the input, Paul Blair! Helps find your way in the maze of bullets!
  • The game will start after a short countdown. This will help those sticky situations where baddies pop up all around! Adi Juhasz, you are thanked profusely, from the bottom of every Gwarmbee players' hearts.
  • Silky smooth 60FPS! Necessary? Probably not. But it's smoother now! 
  • EVERYPLAY integration! Unity's wonderfully simple to use, share and upload system for gameplay! When you die (and you will), tap the new "SHARE" button to be prompted to edit, voice over / add facial reactions using your camera... etc etc... and upload it to Facebook, Everyplay... whatever! Youtube? Sure!

Now, hop back in and give those baddies hell! Show them what you're made of with your handy map and time before each dungeon floor to catch your breath. Beat the high score... if you can... Alex Glidewell set a horrifyingly high score ;).