Beta Updates Abound! (B.U.A)

Jeez! It has been a busy weekend with Flamboygen. Players have been signing up for beta left and right and testing out the game on various devices, all giving supremely useful bug discoveries and feedback! We've learned more in the past 72 hours than we have probably in the last 10 months of development. NO JOKE. Super exciting stuff.

We haven't been counted out of the PAX East Indie Showcase yet, so that's cool, too.

As for the beta progress, things are getting tighter and tighter. Some players found it tough to know which item was in which hand and which was ready to throw in middle of heated combat. Good question! So we responded with some updated UI features that show a simplified image of the object type in which hand, and an indicator for which item is ready to throw. Super convenient! Thanks, all!

Next, we found some levels to have boundary issues, which we went through meticulously by hand and put up some new bounding boxes. Exciting? Nah. But enlightening! 

Some players found ways to circumvent entire level designs and that showed us a lot of verticality in the design that we were ignoring before. You bet we are going to add more exploratory environments!! Again, thank you! 

On a bummer note, we don't have a tutorial in place, so many of these 'level design bugs' were found because players didn't understand some of the mechanics. A definite no-no on my part, so that will be fixed in an upcoming patch. We will have some sort of "Learn to Play" thing in place... I know, I know... tutorials are pretty lame. But, this game is weird. So... we have to teach it somehow!

Anyways, if you haven't signed up for the beta, now is the time! We have two competitions going on: Highest score and Best replay! So get out there, kill some bots, and make it look cool!