The good news / bad news blues

We'll start the blog post with a little good news and bad news.

Bad news: We didn't make it into the PAX East Indie Showcase this year. Boo! But that's okay. Because....

GOOD NEWS: That leaves us with more uninterrupted development time to make the game as amazing as we possibly can before the final launch. Along with that good news, I figure I should let you all in on the current state of things.

First and foremost, we've gotten a ton of feedback on the state of the game in its current form. A lot of people have fun playing and that's mission number one. Number two, some have wondered if there would be... customization... options? Initially, it wasn't planned for the game because I wanted to make the game a 3 or 4 month project. But, since it's about a year in production now, why the hell not? Whats a couple extra weeks of art and implementation.

So, along with working on achievements for the game, we've tied those achievements to rewards that the player will unlock to customize their little blue bot! Now, he can be.. not so blue! He can be green! or polka dot! Or whatever. We are still working on new color schemes and patterns.

The replay system has been such a great tool for us to see some replays from various players, and it got us wondering: How great would it be to have special hats / skins along with the replays!? That's cool. Some people could watch a replay and wonder how they got that certain hat or whatever. Strikes up conversation. Strikes up a challenge. Strikes up more game play. And game playing is good, that's why we make games.

Play. Have fun.

More to come.