The Scrungeon Sun Set

Well it’s about that time again… Another blog post as we close in on another release.

The Scrungeon Depths has been great fun and hard work this past year. I’ve lost sleep figuring out RNG based bugs, dreaming up new concepts for enemies, new mechanics, new loot… Just so many things I can’t even count. I felt like it would never end.

Just like the game itself, there doesn’t seem to be an ending. An ever growing dungeon full of traps and things waiting to kill you around every corner. Like a deck of cards, the odds can be stacked in your favor… or the complete opposite. As I’ve spent the last few months polishing and testing the game proper, there have been some runs where I dominate easily… Until a floor where a Screamer blows up a bomb right next to me, obliterating my health to a mere sliver just to be shot by a Snakehead. Boom. All lost. Every bit of progress down the drain.

I leaned back in my chair, took a deep breath and exhaled. Was this too much? Have I taken it too far? Will anyone enjoy this? After the enormous feedback I had received from the beta, one thing I never heard was “it’s not fair” or “why is it so damn hard?” So I tabled those thoughts. But as we near release, these fears rear their ugly head again… Have I gone too far? Is The Scrungeon Depths too extreme? 

Quietly, calmly, I meditated on the concern for a bit and then threw on one of my favorite albums, Xenocide, by Aversion’s Crown. Blistering blast beats pummeled my eardrums. Screams from the depths of hell and across planes of existence sent chills down my spine. Break downs that could crush the very crust of the Earth on which we stand made my bones shake. But was that too much? Did Aversion’s Crown ever sit back and think to themselves “Hey mate, did we take it too far? Is this shit too heavy?”

I knew the answer to the question.

We all know the answer.


So here we are.

See you November 9th.