The surface world has been rendered useless. As evil energy weighs heavy on the atmosphere, a chasm opens and births what can only be described as a malignant structure of pure hate. With no where to go but down, our fearless hero thrusts himself into a seemingly endless dungeon that knows nothing but pain and misery. Beings spoken about in whispers since the dawn of time known as the Hollow Ones dwell within, controlling the uncontrollable chaos.

Welcome to… The Scrungeon Depths.

The Scrungeon Depths is an over the top, ludicrously randomly generated roguelike madhouse. Wade through the body parts of defeated foes to crawl ever deeper and seek answers to the mysteries held within. Only the strong (and slightly insane) will survive.

The Scrungeon Depths is an incredibly clever game that manages to both exemplify and satirise the dungeon crawling genre, and the resulting amalgam is something that looks like a lot of fun to play.
— TouchArcade
This roguelike madhouse does exactly what it says in the tin: you’ll fight a lot, you’ll die a lot, and you’ll experience some pretty big, bad bosses in the darkest depths of the world.
— Pocket Gamer
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The Scrungeon Depths exists in a separate dimension. Held firmly within a massive structure conceived of pure hatred, this dimension is ever shifting... Ever conforming to make your descent into madness more difficult than you could possibly imagine.

Some speak of a shop that flickers in and out of existence, harboring ever more powerful objects of pure destruction. Save up your precious coins... If survival is happiness... Well... Who says money can't buy happiness?

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If you find yourself overwhelmed within the Scrungeon, don't fret. Ancient relics of unfathomable energy can be found within the mucus of decimated nests. But don't stand as the champion quite yet, creatures of the depths shall hunt you mercilessly.

Armed with the knowledge of your lineage before you, enter and heed caution. The Scrungeon Depths knows no limits and shows no mercy. As a foreign body within, The Hollow Ones seek your flesh and will stop at nothing to devour you. But if you can best them... Overcome their trials... You shall be rewarded with ever growing power.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves...


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