We are dedicated to every single aspect of game development.
From concept to implementation, our life resides in the production pipeline. 

Rapid prototyping with Unity. Concept art in Photoshop. 3D modeling in Maya and Zbrush. UV mapping in UVLayout. And then back into Unity to make some magic happen.

What we're saying is we are primarily Unity developers. It has been an absolutely incredible engine and tool for making our dream projects spring to life.

You thought it was going to say "come true". Come on, we aren't that predictable.

Interested in hiring us to do something for YOUR project? Well, we do that too! Even in the midst of all the development going on over here, it never hurts to reach out and help a fellow out. If you need help prototyping... Concepting... Modeling... Level design... Anything and everything, we are available for freelance work!

Contact us! Hit that big Contact button up in the top right. We don't bite.