When's Lunch? Games was born out of a desire to create. We are a small team, all with strengths and weakness', complimenting one another. Our only desire is to make fun games with creative aesthetics while paying homage to classic gameplay genres we love. It's all about passion in this house.

Chase Holton                           Designer/Programmer/Artist 


"Growing up on Nintendos and Playstations, my fascination with games would be a major part of my life. Even though I loved it, I never thought making games would be a possibility as a career... So I pursued culinary arts and an associates in graphic design. Needless to say, both were unfulfilling, but beneficial. I don't burn food and my font choices don't include Papyrus or Comic Sans. Now, I focus on what I love most: game design. I pour life experiences into the games I create, and I hope players the world over will join me." 


Tad Begley                                          Artist/Level Designer

"The first game I played on a cell phone was Snake. It was on a horrible Nextel phone that I hated it because I wasn't good at T9. That doesn't correlate at all to why I create art for When's Lunch Games. The reason I started creating is because I almost lost the creativity I did have. Chase helped develop my skills with no background or base to start on. I feel more accomplished every time I finish an asset or environment. The most enriching things in my life are my wife, my little girl, and does anyone know When's Lunch?"